3 comments on “My Babies

  1. I have a lot of respect for animals as well. That’s exactly why I don’t have any pets because I don’t have the time to take care of them properly. The dogs look very peaceful in this picture.

    • I respect that about you @kbeezyisviral. You care about animals so much that you don’t have any cause you don’t have time to take care of them. I just wish other people can be the same way. It hurts me to see any type of animal get really sick or even die because they don’t get the right care. Thank you for the comment. Keep up the good work with your Blogs. I enjoy them very much. Take care.

      • It pains me to see that as well. Eventually, when I get older, I plan to have a few pets when I know I’m constantly available to care for them. Thanks a lot for the continued support. I will make a visit back to your blog sooner than later.

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